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Kassidy is amazing! She has a unique blend of skills in marketing and IT that make her a valuable asset to any team. Her marketing expertise allows her to craft compelling campaigns that resonate with audiences, while her IT background enables her to execute those campaigns with precision and efficiency. She's also a great communicator, which makes her an excellent collaborator and team player.
Kassidy did some amazing work for my Medspa. She was able to leverage her marketing skills to develop a comprehensive digital strategy that included a new website, social media campaigns, and targeted email marketing. She also implemented some cutting-edge IT solutions that streamlined the spa's operations and improved customer engagement. The results were truly impressive - the spa saw a significant increase in website traffic, social media followers, and customer satisfaction
Overall, I'd highly recommend Kassidy for any marketing or IT role. Her work took my Medspa to the next level.
Ashlee L., James Street MedSpa

Ashlee Ludwig, James Street MedSpa

Other Projects

Faithful Innovations Logo

Faithful Innovations

Faithful Innovations is a ministry consulting business with years of proven success. With an already established brand and website, the owner, Tina, needed just a few adjustments to copy and web page configuration.

Faithful Innovation Logo
Foothills Family Campground Logo

The Foothills Family Campground

Foothills Family Campground is a family-owned business based out of New Hampshire. The owners, Pat and Laura, enlisted my help to ensure that their website was as accessible as their campsite.

Foothills Family Campground Logo
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